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Justice is the birth right of all and Jananeethi aims at progressive changes in society, enabling individuals and societies to become aware of their inherent and inalienable rights to life, freedom and dignity.


Jananeethi conceives justice as an incontrovertible right that should heal those who are broken and wounded due to oppression and exploitation. Justice should heal. Jananeethi attempts to achieve this through assisted negotiation and mediation, effectively employing psycho-legal counseling, clinical legal education, group therapy and facts-finding surveys, and facilitating timely and cost-effective grievance redressal to the weaker and vulnerable sections on a priority basis, in view of building a safer and more just society

Our Objectives

  • To help people to access to justice
  • To provide free legal aid and legal consultancy.
  • To conduct mediation and reconciliation.
  • To conduct clinical legal education for healing justice.
  • To provide helpline to victims of domestic and gender-based violence and to abused children.
  • To train para-legal volunteers and field activists.
  • To promote true spirit of democracy, peace, public accountability and transparency in governance and public transactions that involve public money.
  • To protect and promote nature and natural resources.
  • To campaign for a corruption-free, violence-free, litigation-free and discrimination-free society where freedom, equality and dignity of all is respected and protected.
  • To undertake facts finding studies and to prepare alternate reports.
  • To net work with national and international agencies or organizations in promoting democratic, human and environmental values for the well being of all.


Our Journey

1991 Jananeethi office inaugurated
1992 - May 13 Registration of Jananeethi Society
1992 December

Formal Inauguration

Initial services included – public adalats (neethimela), free legal aid, legal literacy, mediation & reconciliation and public interest litigation. Started campaign against torture, death penalty, dowry, child labour and trafficking.

1993 Launch of Jananeethi Publication
1994 Women’s Desk
1996 Environmental Advocacy launched
2000 Helpline for women, children and elderly in distress started
Declaration of first litigation-free village in Thichoor in Varavoor Panchayat
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