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Jananeethi Hand Book on Law 'Niyamam Ariyan' published by Jananeethi for Thrissur Pooram Exhibition Stall, 2015.

Hand Book on 'Stop Violence Against Women' published by Jananeethi for Thrissur Pooram Exhibition Stall, 2013&14.

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(Published in Malayalam by Jananeethi Institute, Thrissur, Kerala for the benefit of primarily the human participants & their families, the medical practitioners, researchers, members of institutional ethical committees and pharmaceutical firms).

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This book is a training manual for human rights friendly police. It comprises articles specially written by trainers themselves on the basis of their understanding of the subject and the needs of the trainee police personnel.

This book was publilshed by Jananeethi in Malayalam on the 10th December 1998, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The book covers four major themes:

  • Substantive information on human rights standards for the police, drawn from the Constitution, the statutes, judicial decisions, official reports and international treaties and conventions
  • Identification of police skills appropriate to the human rights friendly conduct in the work situations
  • Development of motivational factors to sustain the information and skills, and
  • Norms of ethical conduct as part of the personality development of individual police personnel.


Dr. N.R. Madhava Menon

Member, Law Commission of India. Founder Director, National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

Translation by

Mr. C.P. Gangadharan

A compilation of all major international instruments by UN - translated into Malayalam along with studied articles by.

  • Dr. Vandana Shiva
  • Dr. Meera Shiva
  • Anand
  • Civic Chandran

Introduction by

Dr.N.R.Madhava Menon

Member, Law Commission of India. Founder Director, National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Edited by

Prof. K. G. Sankara Pillai

A book based on the Workshop on The UN Convention Against Torture held between April 2-7, 2001 at Thrissur, Kerala, India, organised by the Religious Groups for Human Rights (RGHR) a project of the Asian Human Rights Commission and hosted by Jananeethi, Thrissur, India.

A souvenir published by Jananeethi with respect to the problem of suicide, its causes, demographic studies and the befriending services of Befrienders' India to which Maithri-Thrissur belongs.

A "litigation-free" village was indeed an impossible dream. But the people of Trichur village, a seemingly unknown, sleepy village in varavoor panchayat of Thrissur District, in Kerala State made it happen on the 7th day of May 2000. The road to success was slow, hard and often frustrating. But at the end, it was a moment of exaltation to cherish and a history to emulate.

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Crime and Justice is a critique of the Malimath Committee Recommendations towards Amendments in Criminal Justice System of India by Mr. Basil Fernando, Executive Director, Asian Human Rights Commission.

The book contains the elementary laws and statutes that every citizen in a democratic state should be aware of. Edited by Prof. K.G. Sankara Pillai.

Which is denser - the pain of the son at the death of his father or the pain of the father at the death of his son?

From the tears of a father's pen comes an eloquent, moving and remarkable statement on cruelty, courage, and enduring hope. Professor Eachara Varier describes his desperate and ultimately unsuccessful attempts to get his son out of a police camp where he is taken one morning for no reason. The camp is a place where the ......

A Survey condected by a voluntary agency in Kerala on married womenfound that 57 percent of responds preffered divorce to married life if they had a sustainable income to feed them and their kids. Further studies conducted by various organisations and individual researches show that routine violance against women is high in the state of Kerala....

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The idea of justice as a therapeutic intervention can be located in the historical narratives of many indigenous communities like the Maoris, Aborigines and the First People. However, in the march of modernity, this ancient intuitive interpretation of justice was superseded by normative and rational ones. However, of late there has been a resurgence of academic and practical interest in justice as a healing force. The rest of the article narrates the experience of a pioneering human rights not for profit organization - Jananeethi- based in Kerala on therapeutic jurisprudence....

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Knowledge of law is power and helps self-realization. India, the largest democracy in the world, has an emergent need for generating awareness of rights as knowledge so that people live in consonance with the true dictates of democracy and rule of law. Legal literacy is commonly understood as knowing the primary level in law. When citizens, particularly marginalized or underprivileged groups, know what the law has to offer them, they can recognize and challenge injustices much more forcefully. The first step towards that knowledge of law, which can transform people’s lives, is legal literacy....

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This report is based on a visit by an RCT mission to Jananeethi on September 9th 2006. The report reflects the immediate impressions and views of the mission gained through this visit and through the materials received. Thus, it does not as such represent a full scale assessment of the organisation, but rather contains preliminary observations. The mission would like to extent it’s heartfelt thanks to the staff of Jananeethi for making the visit a very positive experience. It is hoped this brief report may be useful to the organisation....

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Our Journey

1991 Jananeethi office inaugurated
1992 - May 13 Registration of Jananeethi Society
1992 December

Formal Inauguration

Initial services included – public adalats (neethimela), free legal aid, legal literacy, mediation & reconciliation and public interest litigation. Started campaign against torture, death penalty, dowry, child labour and trafficking.

1993 Launch of Jananeethi Publication
1994 Women’s Desk
1996 Environmental Advocacy launched
2000 Helpline for women, children and elderly in distress started
Declaration of first litigation-free village in Thichoor in Varavoor Panchayat
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